ABOUT Hot Wings

Who we are

We are an original professional young energetic music group. The core of our repertoire lies in the 1920s to 1960s music of the United States  – the era of Jazz and its various variations, such as Dixieland, Swing, Blues, Funk, Bebop, Rock’n’roll or Rhythm & blues. We also enjoy many ElectroswingAmerican folk, Pop-rock or Soul. At the ball we are playing some ballroom music like Polka, Waltz or Viennese waltz, at the wedding we adjust our music something romantic for the newlyweds, at a quiet company event we add soft jazz and at a party we are rocking the evening with popular world hits.

We always approach each event with individual care and attention. We are happy to take into account the organisers’ wishes on playlist tracks, band alignment, dress code. We adapt to time requirements, as well as any other demands the organiser might have. We guarantee to book the date – we have always played all the arranged events. You can rely on a professional approach from the first moment of arranging to the last notes of the performance. We can provide our own equipment, sound system, sound engineer and coloured lights for the event. We are happy to travel from Prague to anywhere in the Czech Republic and around the world.

We bring joy through music

We make music primarily because we enjoy it and it brings us joy. Not only for us, but especially for the people we play for. In over a decade together, we have danced for over 100,000 attendees at our own fan concerts, as well as at balls, international weddings, corporate parties, open-air festivals, and birthday parties. We successfully took part in several dance and jazz band competitions. As friends, we always stick together, like and help each other. Thanks to this, we function on stage as a musical family that naturally complements each other’s expression and enjoys spending time and musical magic together.

For specific events, we can arrange to perform with a smaller than a complete eight-member group (we recommend it for example for a wedding ceremony, listening to a wedding reception or corporate banquet).

Each event is so special and different that the price for playing can only be determined by its exact specifications.


What is also important to us

Ecological sustainability and charity activity are important values for us. We print playlists on recyclable paper, upcycle the packaging of the equipment, and we try to use the instruments and equipment for as long as possible by regular maintenance and management (or buy already used and functional ones). We regularly provide music for the Solibad Charity Ball, a non-profit that supports humanitarian projects around the world. We have also supported the staff and clients of the Vlašská Social Services Home and the Janua Jabok Foundation, which focuses on socially disadvantaged students in addition to educational activities. In cooperation with the Out of Home Association, we delighted the children in the orphanage in Písek, where we brought swing dancing, an interactive program for children and individual lessons on musical instruments.


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